White Label Branding is now available

04/02/2007 08:10PM

White Label Branding:
Want to use yourpropertyreport.com but rather than having them go to yourpropertyreport.com, have your client return to YOUR website, enter in their code to view their report? If so, white label service is perfect for you. You use the same interface you are familiar with but your clients never know about yourpropertyreport.com. They think its all you!

White Label Branding is available for $4.95/mo plus a $19.95 setup fee for existing inspectorsites.com customers.  I do offer this to non inspectorsites.com customers for $6.95 per month plus a $99 setup fee.( setup fee can vary - please contact me)

To see an example of this service in action follow this link: see it in action!

Yourpropertyreport.com - a free home inspection report upload / download and management system

02/14/2007 01:57PM

Welcome to yourpropertyreport.com, a browser based home inspection report upload download and management system.

Yourpropertyreport.com, allows home inspectors to upload completed home inspection reports in .pdf or .doc format to the web, email their clients a link and sit back and relax as their clients download the finished reports. The days of attaching large size inspection report files to email messages and waiting for them to send, hoping your clients receive them are over!

Yourpropertyreport.com is an absolutely free service to licensed and associate home inspectors, there are no catches or gimmicks to worry about and we will never sell or pass on email address or your business information to anyone. It's our way of helping to support home inspectors and the entire home inspection industry.

Yourpropertyreport.com, is completely web browser based and does not require any scripts or programs to be installed on your own computer. You can access your account and upload inspection reports from any computer attached to the internet. The only requirement is that all reports must be in .pdf or .doc format.

Do you have an idea to improve this service?

03/25/2007 04:10PM

Send me your ideas!
I am always looking to improve my services, so if you have an idea you feel would enhance yourproprtyreport.com, feel free to email me at sales@inspectorsites.com with your idea.

Future Enhancements

03/08/2007 07:24PM

Coming Late 2007
An Inspector will be able to confirm payment was received before allowing a report to be downloaded by a client.

Need more storage space for your reports?

02/21/2007 09:57PM

Need more storage space for your reports?
Our free accounts provide 50MB of disk space, which is enough to store between 10 and 25 completed inspection reports depending on the file size of your reports.  If you ever decide you need more space, for example to archive reports or so you donít have to delete reports to make room for new ones, we offer a 100MB package for $4.95 per month and a 200MB package for $9.95 per month. To upgrade to one of our extended packages, just open a support ticket at http://www.inspectorsites.com/support and let us know what package you want to upgrade to at yourpropertyreport.com. We will contact you to set up your upgraded account.

Yourpropertyreport.com - a free service from inspectorsites.com

08/04/2005 01:56AM

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