Terms Of Service - what you can and cant do...

This is a free service and is offered with absolutely no guarantees. Use this service at your own risk. Enjoy it, don't abuse it.


What this service is to be used for

1. Uploading completed inspection reports in .pdf or .doc format

2. Emailing your clients a link to the report

3. Allowing your clients to download their inspection report either using the direct link or by going to yourpropertyreport.com and entering in the inspector code and report code.


What this service is not to be used for

Indefinitely storing your finished inspection reports

Infrequent usage - For security, accounts are suspended after 90 days of inactivity

Storing an example report for your business or website


Abuse of service
Using this service outside of its intention [ uploading completed inspection reports, emailing your clients a link, and then allowing your clients to download their inspection report ] is grounds for termination of your account.


Other grounds for termination of service

Registering for and / or using multiple accounts

Giving others your user name or password

Reverse engineering this service

Sending unsolicited emails (SPAM)

Uploading anything other than a .pdf or a .doc

Uploading anything other than completed inspection reports. This is NOT a file sharing service

Doing anything that would damage the reputation of yourpropertyreport.com and or inspectorsites.com

Continually exceeding your allotted disk space or bandwidth

Allowing multiple people (more than 10) to login and view a report under one inspector code / report code combination.


Yourpropertyreport.com - about the service

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